Documentary on the Seattle scene from the mid 80’s onwards. It focuses primarily on Nirvana and the impact they’d on on the world music scene. Options clips …



  1. Some of these ppl speaking on this are complete assholes, stop playing the poor hero , if you have a chance at success and money , jump the fuk on it , your playing that card Bc your band went nowhere, also stop treating everyone as stupid , yes out of all the bands that came from Seattle hat was " grunge " nirvana yes . But like Alice And chains , sound garden we all realized was damn good hard core rock n roll , so don't sit here And say that all the bands were slapped with the grunge label , we know the difference, well anybody who's really into music , smashing pumpkins were different, so don't treat fans like idiots , stop trying to be so different then be mad at ppl for a label , stop with that transparent BS , yes great music came out of Seattle , And thank god for it , I hated poison And all those gay ass bands , thank god for Guns n Roses who really started the switch in the music , give credit where credit is due , I honestly hated smells like teen spirit , still hate that song , it really took me till nirvanas unplugged album to actually respect and like them , kurts lyrics are awesome , nothing but respect , but ppl getting down on bands like Pearl Jam , for having too many hits , oh stop and get over yourselves , you don't own them Bc they were from your scene ! Anyways this was a very cool vh1 behind the scenes , but some of you are so ridiculous!

  2. Another thing the one guy was like when. Kurt and Courtney were on sassy magazine or the vanity fair articles . He says we all needed to know , uh nah bro , I'd say 90% of us could have given a fuk about that stupid shit , I would never waste my time reading such garbage , maybe you did , but stop generalizing the public , your pathetic too give a fuk about an article from that leach Courtney love ! Just stop !!

  3. The misconception of Kobain's life and death glorified by media whores may have pumped up the "legendary status", but in turn does a great disservice to both him and his daughter…sad story without a doubt.

  4. Other people might not consider STP grunge, but Im surprised that they arent at least mentioned….STP had a very similar sound to Nirvana and Soundgarden and they werent from Seattle but they were still around at that moment. I feel like Stone Temple Pilots never get the recognition they deserve as a band.

  5. I saw big hair bands of the eighties as plastic, fake, and totally into pushing that whole if it feels good do it attitude. Those who played that shit were into keeping the rock star myth going. Then comes Nirvana appearing to have no interest in that being a star thing. They basically played simple but inventive pop music in no frills clothing and left us feeling that what you saw is what you got. I know there were other bands doing it before Nirvana but Nirvana blew open the doors commercially so that the others could walk through.

  6. Strange how Matt Cameron speaks of Pearl Jam in third person as if he is somehow detached from the band. I know Eddie was from Chicago and a lot of people thought he was an intruder into the Seattle scene. Really , who gives a fuck Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder have stood the test of time. Speaks volumes. jmo

  7. I really can’t stand main stream music, the fact I didnt love through these bands suck ass. Alice and chains, Nirvana, Mud honey all was so amazing. Music was raw and had emotion. I don’t see much of that any more, grunge is just more then you’d expect


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