Underweight girls are at elevated danger for early menopause, a brand new research has discovered.

This research, in Human Copy, adopted 78,759 premenopausal girls ages 25 to 42 starting in 1989. Over the next 22 years, 2,804 of them reported pure menopause earlier than age 45.

After controlling for smoking, pregnancies, oral contraceptive use and different elements, they discovered that in contrast with girls who had a physique mass index of 18.5 to 22.four (inside the regular vary), these with a B.M.I. below 18.5 at any age had a 30 % elevated danger of early menopause. Chubby girls (B.M.I. 25 to 34.9) had a barely decrease danger of early menopause, and there was no vital elevated danger in very overweight girls with a B.M.I. larger than 35.

The lead writer, Kathleen L. Szegda, who was a postdoctoral researcher on the College of Massachusetts, Amherst, when the work was accomplished, mentioned the explanations for the hyperlink between weight and the timing of menopause are unclear and that extra analysis is required to copy these outcomes.

Nonetheless, she mentioned, “Underweight girls might need to talk about the findings with their medical doctors. Early menopause is related to a number of well being situations,” together with osteoporosis, dementia, coronary heart illness and early dying, “and has implications for household planning.”

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