US President Donald Trump says he’s “very dissatisfied” with China for not doing sufficient to cease North Korea’s weapons programme. Writing on Twitter, he …



  1. Aaaww, come on, It's America first, NATO is a combo of stingy chickens, the US gave the whole world the finger in regard to Paris climate accord, and does China have any reason to help you out??

  2. China is using US money they get from the hundreds of billions in trade each year to fund Kim Jong and his nukes. Trump is right to tell China to stop helping North Korea or lose trade with the US. We need to stop trade with China anyway, because they are doing currency manipulation and playing dirty trade.

  3. 'we allowed China to make hundreds of billions of dollars a year in trade'… LOL! trade is win-win, why wouldnt you mention American people benefiting from cheaper goods? Trump is just insanely stupid and his supporters the hillbillies dont have no clue, and are buying all his crap. IMPEACHMENT NOW

  4. Would be delighted to see BBC come up with an article on the selection of a presentable future king for Britain. I'm sure they know the subject much better than what they know about Korea.

  5. If the U S stay away from asia-pacific for good then surly China will allow the reunification of the North and South Korea. You people think China want this crazy fat North Korean dictator at their backyard?

  6. why does the USA always have to protect other countries. time they start learning how to handle themselves. we shouldn't have to pay the cost to liberate everyone from their own government

  7. America and it's submission to China should have told them that it was already possible. North and South Korea not to mention Japan in Which. W.W. II. Attack on the Philippines really guys what are they thinking? Good luck and Good morning Vietnam. Maybe one of you guys could call the Pentagon and tell them. What was that? Pete and repeat. Haha ha. Gods peace. Connie

  8. Whats up with the U.S wanting to start all these wars? The war in Afghanistan FAILED MISERABLY !!! Iraq was a waist of time. Now they are supporting Isis to attack the Syrian government & their nations sovereignty. Israel keeps pushing the U.S to attack Iran and its tragic that we are obeying to their Red Flag Terror War agendas.


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