Trump Calls it like it is.



  1. Trump got it Right! Too bad he didn't say "Your w/ CNN therefore You are fake news" Cause they are Fake! Anderson Cooper's Nose disappears cause they're using Green screens & Lying about where they're televising from..

  2. "Whoever controls the media, controls the mind" – Jim Morrison

    A huge amount of people unfortunately, haven't realised yet how massive of influence the media can have on your unconscious brain. For example, you get horny when you watch porn or you get scared when you watch horror films, ain't it?

    Then people wake up in the middle of the night terrified because of a nightmare that was provoked by that horror film or they develop irrational fears to clowns, walking in the dark, noises in the house etc. (Of course you can argue that sometimes these events are dangerous but come on; what are the chances?). These irrational fears are examples that you develop without even wanting to, just because you watched something fake on TV!!!!

    Therefore the media have a great responsibility to be extremely cautious about what they release and have their fellow human beings exposed to.

    I will post golden resources about this subject later for the ones who found my comment interesting.

  3. The audacity of any reporter to treat anyone, let alone the President, this way is exactly why the people have turned against the phony propagandist media. Not to point out the obvious but we all know previous Presidents wouldn't have been treated this way [and weren't] as long as they had a (D) after their ideology. The 4th estate needs to be the ones to either bring their colleagues back to fact based news or be taken down with them….the ship is clearly taking on water.

  4. That president is No God…..if they speak over him…..Why Not? what gives TRUMP the right? because he's got money….he can clean his S with it. He Talks bad to people that r disabled like myself, puts down our service men…just because they got caught? …they suffered for our freedom..n puts down women….he only likes TRAMPS!!!! you'll see he changes his mind quickly n he'll sue all of us.


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