Dear MSM: You’re the fucking experts at fake news, so how dare you accuse us of being fake news? Facebook @



  1. Yep, the fucking BBC is the worst of the lot without doubt. That tit John Sopel needs a good sacking for his arrogant behaviour questioning the US president! Sopel is a two bit reporter not our spokesman!

  2. i noticed many of your videos when i click they dont play .we all know the liberals they dont care about moral, they will cheat lie and when they get caugh they deny, we must expose them with the proof of their lies like project veritas did.

  3. been banned from twitter for the 2nd time now… simply stating my opinion on different things, like on blm etc. Only making a few comments a month maybe. Not that I matter, but it's crazy to think twitter enforces their fascist view on us.
    There needs to be laws that once a company gets big (twitter, youtube), the the right of free speech must be protected

  4. People cannot tell the difference when MSM states an opinion rather than fact. If you watch CNN you'll notice they have a talk show kind of setup. First the host or Anchor will state the news headline they are covering, for example, Water is found with high lead levels in Flint Michigan. Now that is true, everybody can agree that there were high lead levels. Now, this is where the viewer has to use their heads. After the headline was read the news anchor will turn to two or three other people and start asking questions, for example, Who do you think should be held accountable for the high lead levels and will people be fired? Now, from this point on, whoever the guest is that responds, the viewer needs to know themselves that whatever they hear is only the OPINION of the guest. They do not know all of the facts and the viewer should know that it is not fake news or real news, just an opinion. The viewer needs to sit there listen and decide if the opinions represent reality, or to just disagree. Nobody can force you what to think, unless you truly are not in control of your thought functions.
    But on the other hand if CNN or any other MSM, just reported headlines all day and had no discussions about the headlines, would we be more or less informed?

  5. Black propaganda is all about lying. Authoritarian governments lie
    regularly. Totalitarian governments do it so often nobody believes them.
    A government based on democratic principles like the United States is
    supposed to speak the truth, but when the U.S. government’s own
    documents, it has been lying over and over again for decades, the jig is up!!

  6. Paul Joseph Watson, please read this Message As I pray it doesn't get lost in the comments!!! All the leftists are targeting trump with some claim that he stiffed a guy of 100 grand through a refusal to pay for multiple pianos that Trump ordered. I'm almost certain that this is another hoax but I can hardly find anything about it!!! Please shine some light on this topic for the sake of me not having to resort to opinions to win an argument like all the liberals attempt to do!!!

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