Sure, Tesla have performed it once more. The current unveiling of the Tesla ‘semi’ truck and the Tesla Roadster have shifted the goalposts and created a ‘hardcore …



  1. What I expect from Fullycharged is more details about those news that others simply write clickBates about. You guys normally highlight and bring mode details about those news that others miss. So let it be late, but keep it as informative as ever. Thank you

  2. Fullycharged Elves. Yes electric vehicles work. Batteries have potential energy what happens if there is a dead short? 1 megawatt battery pack that's alot of bang when it goes wrong. Check out Dr P Mason Thunderf00t and see what a Professor says about Battery Tech.

  3. 100kw battery pack for a tesla so that's a minimum of £150 to charge it at 15p/kwhr, £300 for a 200kw battery pack. that's a massive uncontrollable bomb should it be in a bad collision that cannot be put out with foam or water.

  4. Another awesome episode. I did not miss the Tesla launch info, it has been everywhere and done to death. Tbh, I am a bit tired of the 1.9 0-60. fun but not practical, the battery and recharge tech is far more interesting.

  5. I'm sorry, but apart from being an engineering exercise (and promotional gimmick) this roadster is a total irrelevance as far as a transportation vehicle is concerned. A Nissan Micra can compete with it as far as the legal top speed (70) is concerned and in today's congested traffic and road conditions would probably keep up with it as well. As for the 600m range, if it were to average 40mph, that's 15 hours solid driving even split between two drivers and you'd want at least two breaks in that period in which you could recharge with a lesser capacity and range vehicle. As an advertisement it probably works but as a relevant means of transport… No.

  6. This is all hype to trick more investors so he can steal their money. He's desperate, Tesla is in ruins if he can't get more help. The Roadster probably didn't have a 200 KWh battery in it. They may squeeze 120 – 150 KWh in it, but it'll be heavy and go into flames at 250 mph.
    The trucks has some serious questions regarding durability. The open motors and wires at the back is one of the biggest. And also, 1.000.000 miles warranty?? Who believes that crap? He can't even give that to the Model 3 or S, and most of those won't make it to half that before expensive parts are replaced several times. There is so much bogus here, and people are buying it. Hook, line, and sinker.
    Maybe he should focus on the production of the model 3 before moving on to trucks. Just an idea.

  7. There seems to be a lot of speculation about the Semi battery being 1 mega watt, I suspect that it does not have to be that big. The truck will draw a serious amount of power to accelerate and to go uphill but what we need to know is what the average power draw is for a fully loaded truck to drive on a flat surface. I suspect that the flat service power draw is well below the quoted 2 kwh per mile that is being talked about. My musings are purely speculative of course.

  8. I may be uneducated on the whole electric car thing but can someone answer me this….
    My experience with batteries and many other people is that batteries deteriorate over time, your phone battery for example?
    Now thats no big deal, simply buy a new one, but how long will these electric car batteries last??
    I imagine they wont be cheap neither?

  9. a prototype car is not a hardcore smackdown to anything. WHEN they start selling this to the general public, then we can talk (and compare it to whatever is on the market in those two-three years).

  10. Musk is a joke. He shouldn't be announcing products which is not ready for release. Semi and Raodster 2, being so far from production, is like concept car, nothing else. Like his Level 5 autonomous driving feature – Musk promised release date of Dec 2016 and it's still nowhere!! Musk really has no idea what he is doing – like his fake Model 3 launch! Most likely Tesla will go belly up before roadster 2 or Tesla semi launches, so Musk is just suckering all the Tesla fanboys for extra free cash!

  11. I'm still looking for Tesla, or sombody, to produce a sensible 4-5 seat hatch back, with good range at lowish cost for normal people. We are a lot closer now; but that's the target.
    I suspect moving the majority of goods transport; general commercial work; plus public passenger vehicles; to EV (or another non IC power source) could have the biggest impact on clean air targets to date. But it will take time; to replace the millions of vehicles involved. In some cases, entire transport systems need to be replaced.

  12. Love the channel Robert. Wish you didnt make a face when announcing my handle as a Patreon. The "Diesel" part of my name is FITNESS reference🤣 Keep up the great work! Love your energy

  13. I hope that Tesla keep their promises …and that they release greatly improved batteries, to manage to do so (which would, of course, translate into improved batteries for smartphones, laptops, etc, as well)

  14. I'm not into super cars or racing. But I do have a soft spot for a 2nd gen NSX and a Porsche 911 Carrera. However, my real take away is NOT the Semi or the Roadster. It's the advanced tech underneath. The smaller battery pack with long range is the breakthrough that we (electric car society) needed to finally convince petrol heads that they need to come over to our side of the fence and still get what they want. Range, reliability, and sexy if we're lucky.

  15. I look forward to each and every Fully Charged News in the hope that this will be the episode in which I'm thanked for my Patreon support.  It's like waiting for Christmas, hoping it's Christmas, waking up with it feeling like Christmas but finding out it's actually only the 27th of November.  Gutted.

  16. Actually, it's around 150-180$/kWh (US$), but it's very hard to get a reliable figure due to contract secrecy. $100/k seems attainable, if unlikely. Maintaining speed on a grade depends on the grade! Drive over the mountain on US-52 or I-77 around Fancy Gap, Virginia (~1000ft climb over ~6mi – on 77, 52 looks worse) — I crossed it at 30mph (winnebago with a trailer+car – est. 6ton)

  17. Everyone keep says this is the fastest production car but some one tell me is the roadster in production or is it a prototype. I thought that the production car will not be on the market until 2020. Which mean what we saw is a prototype and not a production car so it is not the fastest production car until the car is made in production volume and tested.


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