Surgeons in Oxford have used a robot to operate inside the eye – in a world first. A team at Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital used the device, controlled via a …



  1. About 2 decades ago a very small white thing has created the cornea of my right eye but there was not any pain whatsoever. After five days later, I went I visited a Dr and he prescribed an eye drop. First time I put my eye pain started and the white thing started to spread all the cornea. The next day, I didn't go back to the Dr because of it was Friday in Somalia.

    On Saturday, I went back to the him but unfortunately, they told me that he went to Dubai the early morning of that day. Within a week I came one eye blind. even though I can't see anything propertly, I can still feel lights or the sun. I didn't have any money to go the overseas but Since that time I was hoping one day will get surgery to my eye and I will see something through. I have visited tenth of doctors in Somalia and Ethiopia.

    Fortunately, in 2015 I came to Australia and I visited Ophthalmology. He told me that I will get some of my vision by saying that, for it was like I just came back from death to live and I can't image how I felt.

    He sent a referral letter to Fremantle hospital in Perth WA because I could not afford the cost of the private hospital. I was waiting nearly a year to get an operation. In December last year, I got my appointment from the hospital and I went a week later. I had some test the first day and they told that I need to have MRI to know the back of my eye if the nerve is damaged or not.

    A week later I had MRI and they found some damage. I was really disappointed and I still believe that someone can do something it. I am trying to save some money and go somewhere like Oxford's John Radcliffe Hospital.

    Sorry my bad English.


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