Realisationism/Realizationism may be defined fairly merely.

It’s like somebody exhibiting how a magic trick works. The transformation from one thing completely baffling to one thing so easy and straightforward to grasp is wonderful. We’re astonished and dumbfounded by the trick so long as the Magician holds on to its ‘Magic Circle’ secret!

To elucidate Realisationism we should perceive the trick. To do that we have to suppose in a different way, to contradict the Institution views imprinted in our unconscious and unconscious reminiscence over generations.

That is now attainable with the rising acceptance, over the previous 20 years, of what was as soon as a ‘crackpot’ concept, that alien types of life could exist in our Universe.

What if alien types of life landed on Earth in our pre-history – round 13,000 years in the past?

I’m conscious that this can be a big leap of religion, however is integral to the idea of Realisationism which requires a perception in an historic extra-terrestrial led civilisation, means earlier than the Egyptians, which has hitherto been hidden, intentionally misrepresented or destroyed.

So, what occurred to this early civilisation established by extra-terrestrials?

Worldwide proof signifies a serious disturbance on Earth round 10,500 years in the past that devastated massive areas of our planet. Some recommend a meteor strike, however regardless of the motive the traditional civilisation was severely impacted by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and a large tsunami. (Youthful Dryas World Occasion).

All religions describe a Nice Flood round 10,500 years in the past – Noah for instance within the Bible’s Ebook of Genesis.

Did a bunch of our early extra-terrestrial/human survivors, Noah maybe, who understood and was witness to this wonderful first civilisation, maintain on to among the unimaginable extra-terrestrial led data and archives from the Universe? Was this info saved within the legendary ‘ark’??

We’re led to imagine the ‘Ark’ to be a big boat the place Noah introduced within the animals “two by two”. Has this phrase ‘Ark’ been intentionally misinterpreted? It’s now advised that the proper translation for the phrase ‘Ark’ is “a pointed stone construction” – a pyramid? Is it extra seemingly the ‘Ark’ was some kind of storage facility – perhaps one of many surviving pyramids in Egypt with the data lengthy since moved to a safer secretive location?

Perhaps animals had been taken into an ‘Ark’ – a scientific pyramid, two by two for experimental functions. Horses, bulls, homo sapiens, birds, and so forth.

Maybe the hybrid Sphinx was inbuilt entrance of the Nice Pyramid to characterize the placement the place crossbreed creatures had been “created”. May this clarify why lots of of legendary creatures described in Greek mythology for instance, the minotaur, centaur and dragon, did really exist however as freaks did not survive lengthy after the catastrophic occasion? Will we quickly have the know-how to repeat these early experiments?

Within the aftermath of the devastation is it attainable group of Elites, (a posh ‘Magic Circle’), took management and had been capable of conceal a lot of the extra-terrestrial data from the remaining confused survivors?

Has our early civilisation and evolution been intentionally obscured by a bunch of Elites who’ve frequently held energy over the remainder of us since this time through a bigger Institution group?

Elites can simply manipulate the Institution through Tasks Greed, Worry and Energy plus their potential to simply discredit and destroy anybody who turns into a risk to their energy and authority. The Institution use related techniques on the remainder of us!

I do not imagine the wealthy well-known households such because the Vanderbilt, Rockefellers and Carnegies and even monarchs, media moguls and politicians had been Elites. They had been merely wealthy Institution figures together with different very wealthy households who may manipulate the remainder of the inhabitants in an identical means.

Who had been these Elites? Knights Templar, Druids, Freemasons, maybe? The place are they at this time? Do Elites nonetheless exist?

Perhaps the Elites have lengthy gone on account of their very own fragilities leaving us to be dominated by a clueless Institution! Can we be saved from their immoral capitalistic greed and stupidity?

I imagine among the extra-terrestrial hierarchy who survived the catastrophe had been unable to hitch or unaware of the Elites. They turned a part of the final inhabitants of survivors.

This might clarify why throughout the centuries each technology has produced “Sensible males”. Some had been rapidly discredited, persecuted or worse, as attainable threats to the Elites. Many survived.

Is it attainable that among the nice thinkers prior to now, e.g. Socrates, Buddha and Confucius someway survived the Elites and got here to their conclusions and doctrines primarily based on a lot of our early historical past which has now change into obscured or misplaced?

The three nice thinkers talked about above had been lovers of knowledge and wished for a world the place society was in concord. Are they echoing one thing from their analysis or unconscious reminiscence that had beforehand existed? In fact, this may solely be hypothesis and the concept the seeds of Humanity got here from extra-terrestrials can solely be blind religion presently.

Are we now starting to understand that we’re all and have all the time been so very intelligent? There isn’t a comparability when equated to our nearest family the chimpanzee and bonobo?

Darwinism does not clarify human improvement from homo sapiens. Does a lacking hyperlink(s) exist? Or did homo sapiens develop with little change to their bodily construction, however with an Alien Customer gene possessing nice intelligence and data?

I imagine we’re starting to get up to the concept we’ve got all inherited wonderful data through a ‘trans-generational reminiscence gene‘ that has been handed all the way down to us from our first ET/Homo sapiens offspring! All of us have wonderful data hidden in our unconscious reminiscence.

Fortunately, each technology is producing increasingly of us with larger knowledge and data than the Institution. Is it naïve to suppose the Institution will change or step apart to permit others extra open-minded with the flexibility to take care of and govern our planet extra pretty and responsibly? Or is that this only a pipe dream?

All through human historical past not solely have we been excluded from the ‘Magic Circle’ secrets and techniques, however we’ve got been intentionally side-tracked when getting too near the reply!

That is notably true when investigating pre-historic historic megaliths and stone constructions which will help us discover the solutions!

We’re starting to understand the scientific complexity of pyramids, constructed on each continent on Earth for various capabilities, however all producing numerous types of vitality. There seems to have been wonderful data on Earth presently?

I imagine we’re getting into an age of Realisationism the place we’re starting to understand how and why we’re being manipulated and to recognise how straightforward it’s to be manipulated.

The Institution is now attempting to regulate what we are able to and may’t say underneath their guise of “political correctness”, making a mockery of the hundreds of thousands who died within the final century preventing for our freedom.

However they cannot management what we expect!

We have to suppose for ourselves, to contradict the Institution views imprinted in our unconscious and unconscious reminiscence over time.

I hope the Realisationism motion good points momentum to take management of our personal future for the sake of our kids and our treasured planet.


“The lacking hyperlink between animals and the true human being is probably ourselves”. Konrad Lorenz

“Nothing exists besides atoms and area; all the pieces else is opinion”. Democritus of Abdera

“The easy strategy of specializing in issues which might be usually taken with no consideration is a robust supply of creativity”. Edward de Bono.

Supply by John Cowie


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