After learning that staffers allegedly planted flattering news stories to stave off Trump Twitter tirades, Stephen offers to help out. (Thursday monologue pt.



  1. I had been reading on fox insider that trumps approval rating is 87 percent. To hear now that the government is planting fake stories for the president? I'd say this is some weird sort of conspiracy theory… I mean I would if I was an idiot, but this is just plain corruption. We need to fight back… this is just insane.

  2. TRUMP CANNOT READ. Suggesting his thumbs were cut off supports the notion that he tweets himself.. That is pro-trump.. from Colbert… In honesty the man cannot read a word and is functionally illiterate… WHY DOESN'T ANY REPORTER ASK HIM THIS DIRECTLY… If he could say any sentence from any page that he didn't memorize then he could prove he can read (which he can never do BECAUSE HE CANNOT READ)

  3. I've got a stark $100 bill that says Trump would completely believe that news bit. I'm not even kidding, I would shake someones hand and bet 100 greenbacks that the current President of the United Sates would take that news bit completely serious.

  4. I love fake news!! It's the BEST drinking game in a long time!  Taking a shot for every "fake news" reference by Trump Administration or it's various whorelike subsidiaries gets you drunk as fuck in less than 5 minutes.

  5. The stupidest thing about the whole fake news thing is that it started on the Republican side – shortly before Trump supporters started shouting "Fake News TM" about every article that made Trump look less than amazing there was a huge scandal about how Google and Facebook's automated news feeds were promoting low grade and often made up news articles praising Trump, refering to those articles as fake news. So rather than turning it around on them, we're actually exploring the true meaning of the term in the current administration, one that was lost quickly as the original controversy settled and Trump supporters latched onto it to write off any and all criticism of His Biglyness.

  6. You know jackshit.oh yeah obama was so good-funding isis like hillary and expanding the debt from 8 trillion to 17 trillion.apparently your ratings are getting worse sickfuck and infowars will continue to soar-they have more than 1 reporter ya know!

  7. I'm willing to bet that there's a viable market of people eager to pay top dollar for that actress to meet with them as Jill Newslady just so she could talk to them as if they're donald trump while they "milk the dragon" or "flick the bean" right in front of her. of course, she'd have to stay completely in character until 3 minutes after they finish.


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