A 7.1 magnitude earthquake has struck Mexico, with the epicenter 80 miles from its capital, Mexico Metropolis. The occasion comes lower than two weeks after an eight.1 …



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  2. HiI have discover earthquake root cause is due to high calcium and planet wave not because of tectonic plate movementPlease visit https://scienceindia.simdif.com/Solution: 1.Fill Empty space under the ground with clay mean Earthquake zero or 2.we create whole in Empty space under ground mean cool air in Empty space escape so Earthquake zeroZero Empty space in covered under groundZero cool air in covered Empty space under groundZero EarthquakePlanet Waves from other planet do influence our planet those planet wave we cannot see but it do influence lot especial planet wave do impact on places were high calcium in soil just like x ray don't pass through bone etc covered empty spaces due to high calcium impact hugh lead to earthquake etc that reason why why why why places like Japan china northeastindia affected by earthquake etcAny form of disaster of any countries we can examinate and resolve accordingly without any chain reaction or side effects etc in cheap and uncompromisingly effective waysWith RegardsMugunda Kumar P K

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