Studies of pictures fired at London’s Oxford Circus Tube station Armed police are on the scene The station is closed and police are asking folks to depart the world …



  1. All these idiots saying nobody cares about Egypt, its also in the news so clearly we care just as much? I dont understand. What do you want us all to do start crying about it. Obviously people were panicking in London because there was an imminent threat of dying lmao. Egypt was a sad event. If “nobody cared” how tf would everyone know about it? Why are people looking for things wrong with the world?

  2. All the people who ran were islamphobic racists. There's no Islamic terrorism problem is there BBC? Let's ship more unvetted Islamists over. Thats what the BBC is for right?

  3. TBH it was acc scary me and my friends had insert day that day and we Went Oxford Street. After ppl said they heard gunshots do me and my friends ran to berskah. It was scary I am only in y8 and we were all crying cause it terrified us. Pls don’t judge that day if yu don’t know what happened

  4. Oooh. There was another #FalseFlag attack in London. Gun shots, no one died, conflicting stories and no one injured. Nothing. On Black Friday. In London. No CCTV footage, nothing. Busiest place in the UK for shopping. All over the news. Mass hysteria. Over someone knocking a TV over. #FalseFlag.

  5. The people saying 'What about Egypt' are idiots.

    Look at your TV Screens.


    THIS could have been a terrorist attack so it is right that it was covered. And it happened to be third down the list after Egypt and Zimbabwe. So stop trying to promote a misplaced sense of grievance.

  6. A false alarm was it due to over militarisation of the police.What next?A sound weapon to torture the brain of British subject,are we not free from MINDRAPE torture weapons in the UK?Under the monarchy we can never be citizens.Are " we the people" free from sound weapon attacks?If such a weapon is used in the UK they must justify its use and torture can never be justified So they've lost before they started their concept.

  7. Humanity is sick, WHAT ABOUT EGYPT , does no one care about that! Oh but I forgot they’re Muslim so it must be okay , Right? NO ITS NOT OK , you idiots are complaining about us Muslims when only like 0.1% of Muslims were terrorists, going around calling all Muslims terrorists and not caring if they die because they’re muslim so it dosen’t matter , but if a bunch of white guys started to terrorise , no one would say anything and if an innocent white guy dies than everyone is soooo freaked out and upset but if 200 MUSLIMS DIE NO ONE FRIGGIN CARES ! Humanity is sick , it’s just sick.

  8. Update…it was reported that two guys was fighting in tube station..some people tried break up the fight which lead to someone to hitting the emergency bottom which consequencely the station being evacuated. While being evacuated some people thought they heard gun shots that promptly them called the police and start panicking in the station..
    That how a fight in a tube station escalated into panicked in Oxford Street


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