Cristiano Ronaldo is subsequent on Manchester United’s switch record after Alexis Sanchez in keeping with studies. Get the most recent Manchester United switch information on The United Stand. The United Stand…



  1. Jesus….Ronaldo is a primadona. The apparent hate for Lukaku is real. No way would I want him. Sanchez, Matic and Pogba will not play to serve him. Add sidelining Rashford and Martial. No. Just no

  2. Ronaldos only option is utd, only psg and Utd are prepared to buy him. Psg won't buy him cuz real will only sell to them for Neymar. So Utd is his only option.

  3. I really hope for your sake that this does actually happen. Don't forget Willian had signed for Spurs – contract, fees, even the medical before he went across to Chelsea…

  4. I’d rather we concentrate on improving rashford,martial,Chong and other young talents and signing Sanchez,Ronaldo was awesome a freaking awesome legend I love him too but we’ve moved on,expect he’s coming for free I can’t give Real Madrid more money,more than we originally sold him for.Truth be told we don’t need him.

  5. I would love to see Ronny back in the Premier league.
    Don't worry about the wages or cost, he pays for himself.
    Also, imagine the influence he can have on the younger players, they all want to be him, he will show them how hard you need to train to be him.
    Imagine how good Luke Shaw will feel with Ronny in front of him.

  6. I'd sign Ronaldo even if it was to watch no more than his last minute on a pitch. I'd take him back in the same vein as Scholes, nevermind the beast he would still be. I don't care for price either, it'd half pay for itself like Mark said. Can't say there's a single player I'd rather see us sign, in many ways. If only we had a season or two extra of him and Rooney together.

  7. Ronaldo isn't coming to MU, people forget he's got a very young family, his own family (mum and brother) help with the children so he's not going to uproot the whole family to come here. He's just using the MU threat to renegotiate his contract with Real so do not buy into it..having said that I would love to see him back into the number '7'

  8. If Ronaldo comes, I want him to wear the 7 shirt just because it's iconic and belongs to him in this Era. Even if he doesn't do "amazing" he could make us so much money off advertising.


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