Rachel Maddow studies breaking information from the New York Instances in regards to the aggressive nature of Particular Counsel Mueller’s raid of former Donald Trump …



  1. Gonna be interesting if Trump tries to fire Muller now. If he does try, he Trump will be TrueType guilty of Treason as we are already aware of his crimes. No doubt justice will be served eventually and really soon.now.

  2. She sucks you know if you go to every one of the news channels they're all saying the same thing it's not a bombshell story when you're all scripted to say the same thing you all sound like a bunch of control puppets this is the first time I've heard the news in about 3 years good luck with that people…

  3. If they want to lose their seats in the house, let them throw Americans under the bus, like they seem to want to constantly do. We Americans need to fire these politicians who put themselves first. Just my opinion.

  4. It's likely the reason the Mueller raid couldn't afford to knock on Manafort's door is because they are aware of software these guys use where they can just put a code in an app on their smartphone and it wipes their hard drive on their computers and devices. They probably wanted to get to a computer, isolate and shut it down before Manafort was even aware they were in his house, hence also the early dawn hour.

  5. Oh my! Short story folks…if you do not make an annual salary of at least $150k for your household AND if you do not own your home, then voting Republican is like cutting your nose off to spite your face! If you can grift a lot of money from your employer you might be able to vote GOP on $100k, but I wouldn't push it

  6. Wiretapping and then unmasking names as done under the obama administration is on a scale worse than Watergate. Clinton used the Ukraine to attempt to influence the election. President Trump is a great President. Be respectful toward the President. You have nothing but cowardly anonymous sources – poor reporting

  7. Only though Maddow was the networks 'liberal,feminist, ad naseum" show 'balance until I saw her on Bill Maher. She's one tough, super smart news reporter I learned and will watch more of this TRUE patriot.

  8. Words matter….being informed that you may expect to be arrested or indicted for a crime is only considered a threat when one's status and wealth had previously served as sufficient protection from the law.

  9. What is Paul Manafort being indited for? "Some type of crime" sounds like "anonymous sources" that turn out to be false. I'm interested in knowing what crime is being committed. Did you ever think that maybe this might be false scare tactics from Special Counsel?

  10. Something Trump said i agree with. They made it clear he couldn't careless about international laws. Once N. Korea made it clear they were going to break them, they should had been delt with immediately BY THE WORLD.

  11. So, Trump is looking for people he can forgive? A Prime minister who looted money from his own country he welcomes into the White House? What does that Prime Minister think he'll get from Trump? Does he think Trump can stop the investigation? I notice he makes sure he has a notebook or papers. / Of course Trump got Putin to get him in. We need to not only get him out but we need for the first time, throw him in prison for being a traitor. You just don't believe a man can be this evil but he is. Satan must be having a good laugh when he sees a free country like ours being run by an illiterate, immoral lier like Trump. It says that Satan if the father of lies. Well, he has a few sons that take after him. All for money and power and in Trump's case, adulation of the masses which he's loosing and loosing. 🙁 Songs

  12. AMAZING isn't it? And here we are in November, Nov 7th, and Manafort was just charged last week. So, he was told he was going to be indicted, and then it took them a month and a half to actually DO the indictment and charge him. Is that normal? Something kept Manafort in the USA all that time, I wonder what it was? He clearly could have simply left the country and escaped prosecution knowing ahead of time that he was going to be charged. WHAT kept manafort in the country?


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