PUBG’s new desert map is lastly proven off with loads of particulars, and a Monster Hunter World beta is coming to PS4! Get gaming information in your telephone! Get the GameSpot Now App! Android – https://pl



  1. And here I thought Valve would actually get their heads out of their money piles and start making some sequels, guess Capcom's gonna be the only one to surprise us with a new game from a formerly dead francise this year….or decade (The less said about Bubsy the better)

  2. They say the portal game is not what we'd expect, but honestly I'm not surprised at all. Its foolish to think Valve had made a new full fledged Portal game as they just don't care continue to developing games like they once did.

  3. I don't know what people expected, Valve is too bawls deep in making bank with Steam to ever care about making games again, so when I hear news about Half-Life or Portal I know it isn't gonna be anything from Valve.


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