So-called “good medicine” are medicine that may supposedly improve your cognitive skills. Individuals everywhere in the world are taking them in universities, workplaces and the consolation of their very own house…



  1. this is incredibly dumb. you should not take a full tablet when you don't know how the drug affects you. if you took a few minutes to read online, you would know that modafinil is a diuretic which is why you are peeing a lot and you need to consume more water. Headache is choline depletion, just take choline bitartrate. This is idiotic, poor journalism.

  2. Thank god Adderall is legal here in America. It's so helpful for me. It helped me lose weight and it made me work hard. I was absolutely lazy as fuck before I was diagnosed with adhd and put on Adderall.

  3. You'll find that most psych drugs are not completely understood. The brain is not completely understood.  Ask any psych doc how zoloft works, or seroquel, etc.. They just know the results. Im on psych meds. Im not denouncing them. Also, meds affect everyone differently so anecdotal evidence of some guy taking it on a doc is irrelevant

  4. I have been a gum chewer for years, the kinds of artificial sweeteners in them. I saw Brain Pill advertised online and tried it. I have already reordered and have given few my friends who also want to boost memory. Everyone, including myself, loves it. I used to drink two cups of coffee in the morning and now I'm down to one. . I highly recommend it.

  5. was he drinking soy lent? @6:30. Also, you need to factor the "time of initial burn out" to begin in your day to day routine with these modafinil drugs. You need to deliberately sleep at least 8-9 hours and accept that you're going to be mostly "physically sleeping in your bed for the 8 hrs )rather than simultaneously resting your brain + body) while sleeping from 10 pm to 7 am or what not." once a month, It's also good to abstain from any modafinil for 2-3 days straight or a full straight week, this is for you to rest/ re sensitize your self to the drug and de-habituate yourself to the drug.


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