Will Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United reach an important month forward that would finish Mourinho’s United profession? Get the most recent Manchester United Information on …



  1. I personally don't think United will win it this year no. Our team lacks the type of drive/player quality City have right now, it pains me to say that but it's the truth. We need better players that's the long short of it. We won't dominate the bigger teams with the likes of: Mkhitaryan (useless right now and lazy), Jesse Lingard (he is NOT United standard), Phil Jones (injured to much) – We need MORE players as backups and youngsters to come through the ranks too.

  2. whoever wants Jose to be fired aee complete and utter fools, Jose is one of the TOP 3 managers in the world, after Moyes, and LVG im ecstatic that we have Jose as our Manager. Next if the board TRUELY BACKS HIM AND GIVES HIM WHAT HE NEEDS WE WOULD 100% win the PL and compete for yhe CHAMPIONS LEAGUE. BOARD NEEDS TO HIVE HIM THE MONEY HE NEEDS TO REPLACE MOYES AND LVG CRAPPY SIGNINGS

  3. we need some new defenders a world class one .90 million for lukawho what was he thinking ..to all u man utd fans telling me lukawho is good ..you need to Watch him .he lukawho has no first touch no ball contol no skill no speed 7 games no goals .and I hear fans say he did a good flick on ???? he not a big game player never has been never will be not good enough for utd. he can score and play well vs the scunthorpes and relegation teams with crap defenders. .but when he come up v good and organise defenders he is crap as send last 7 games 17 stone oath of a man .kane or grezman we should of got .both big game players as is morrata ….when at utd have we boo any utd player never until lukawho 2 more games and all utd will be booing frank lukawho Bruno get him out now

  4. Hopefully its just media rubbish . But really hope the Griezmann to Barca deal isn't true. Just another option off the table for us. Antoine having a release clause , let alone a reasonable one , that deal could be such a no hassle one to complete. Hopefully it isn't true but if it is, ffs , we can't catch a break lately.

  5. Mark can you stop doing these videos? I working during the time you go live and listen with my earphones, but when you do this split personality thing it makes it hard to listen to

  6. Mark if people can't see how comical the first part of the video is then too bad for them. It was great and still relevant to what we are dealing with at the moment! Keep up the great work and it's not easy. Head up chap premier league is back this weekend!


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