Zimbabwe Defence Forces commander normal Constantino Chiwenga this afternoon (13/11/2017) held a press convention to react to the latest sacking of vice …



  1. Respect is due to the Zimbabwean Military for remaining steadfast in UNITY and in recognition of the revolution that freed the people against the imperial fascists. PLEASE REMAIN IN UNITY AND NEVER EVER LET THE CHILDREN OF SATAN RULE OVER YOU AGAIN.

  2. We want to commend these brave sons of the great Nation of Zimbabwe for taking this action to save the country from permanent death. Death of the coin which surely was imminent in the hands of that fossil called mugabe. It’s my hope that without any hesitation the military will hand over power to an interim government, whiles planning to conduct an open , free democratic elections to elect a leader for the country. We also hope , that all the Billions of dollars stolen from the people of Zimbabwe by the fossil and his family will be be recoup to help develop infrastructure, health care, jobs, etc for the people. None of the corrupt politicians should be allowed to leave the country and must be tried in a court of law for their corruptions and to and retrieve all that has been stolen from the people. To the people of Zimbabwe I urge you to support these brave men , keep them in your prayers, because these are are your saviors, there are better days ahead for you all. God bless the people of Zimbabwe and the nation

  3. Dha new gobamant – not the government. African countries have gobamants that fight for liberation. They always fight for liberation even when they are liberated. Dark middle ages relived.

  4. My Zimbabwian friend tells me he has received a letter asking him to return to the country, he says the General will seize control for 3 months to allow party's to form after which, an election will be held. In the commonwealth realms this action would be the equivalent to the commander general "the queen since I'm English" dissolving government. Let us pray there are not to many exiles or executions in this proud nation.
    He is happy with what is happening.

  5. At least the idiot now knows he is not bigger then everyone. Nobody is bigger then everyone. Even Trump. We are all just humans so for people like Grace to smash people with power cords and leave them bleeding and then get diplomatic immunity is painful to see. I'm sure Zuma must be pissing his pants to see what could unfold for him as he is trying to subject SA to a family monarchy rule.

  6. Yes, Grace is not entitled to rule that country. But, these military generals are also not entitled to humiliate one of the best black person that is ever created from our race; that is 'Robert Mugabe.

  7. I dont understand my country-man,why are you worried about the General"s english or his accent.Remember Zimbabwe has a lot of tribes and we do not pronounce the same way.Eg A Korekore cannot pronounce the same as a Karanga or Manyika that is a fact.

  8. Sounds like the CIA, which put Mugabe in power, had plans to put the Vice President in power next, and Mugabe knew that those were his orders, but since he fell in love, he went back on his orders and was going to put his woman in power instead. No way was the CIA gonna let go of their wisely built puppet government slip out of their hands just like that. So the CIA sent in the Zimbabwe military so they can make sure that they put in their next puppet government. People need to wake up. Nothing happens in the world, without the CIA letting it happen. China was built up by the CIA, the USA government and its banks. They don't care about race, they just go for whom ever follows their orders better. They got rid of the whites because they were trying to charge them too much for the resources.

  9. The military is not your friend, they did this because the purging of the vice president was going to threaten the military. Where were you during the pre-2009 food crisis eh? Where were you when people in the rural areas were being abused by the police?

    Were were you when tajamuka began? Why didn't you intervene when the zim dollar was being re-introduced!? >:/

    You don't care about us, and you don't care about your own sacrifices for the revolution! You are all just slimy thieves that lost their way after independence or perhaps even before that! You people go on and on about the 1st and 2nd chimurenga as if we'd ever forget. But here's the thing..WE ARE NOT FREE!

    You and ZANU-PF are the new oppressors and murderers! You have taken the example of the west and become just like them. You are all hypocrites that have crushed the dreams of countless children who are the MAJORITY of the nation's population! and you have the GALL! to tells us the fix the problem!? You have the gall to whine about us leaving the country!?

  10. u guys should focus on future not on past, colonialism happend 50 years ago, there is no way some1 will become colony again, think about your children instead of yourself (im from non colonialist war-torn country,)

  11. What is the military involved in the political process let the old man retired peacefully let's not forget who the father of Africa independent I'm Ethiopian this is a message from Zimbabwe people


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