The previous “Right now” present cohost and his spouse Annette Roque are noticed with out their rings on. Does Annette plan to divorce Lauer? Full Story:



  1. I think it was Natalie Morales…I don’t know why I have this gut feeling…generally speaking…there is a time and place for everything…there are some lines you just don’t cross…AND there is a difference between joking with a colleague or Sexual misconduct/harassment etc…. I am waiting to see who will come forward with these accusations against him… it’s all so sad.

  2. All this came out because Matt asked an UNSCRIPTED question to Hillary Clinton about the use of her illegal offline email server where she was storing stolen classified materials that belonged on secure networks. Par for the course for Hillary Rosenstein Clinton.

    I guess I should say thanks to Matt but "at this point, what difference does it make?"
    At least Hillary didn't have Matt assassinated and dragged through the streets like she did with Ghadafi.
    At least Hillary didn't have phony rape charges made up by lying women like she did with Julian Assange.
    At least Hillary didn't have Matt murdered like the event that occurred to Ambassador Stevens who knew all about Hillarys arms trafficking to ISIL which would have complicated her presidential run.
    Matt's actually pretty lucky. He's got millions of dollars so he'll never have to work again not that he's ever worked a hard day in his life.
    At least he'll never have to spend another dollar on a haircut because he's a walking cue ball and he's already bagged one gold digging whore so he knows now what to avoid.
    Life is looking up for Matt.
    Single, rich and unemployable…….well maybe CNN will hire Matt.

    Either way,
    Hey Matt,

  3. I think it is very sweet, caring, and kind, how so very many people "knew" about what was going on with Matt Lauer, and the supposedly countless others that were sexually assaulting and harassing others, and then all of these people that "knew" just let it continue without saying a word, banding together and letting it be known. Who cares if the next person gets assaulted or harassed? Not my problem right?

  4. Jesus what the hell kind of dress is that ? Looks like a curtain from the salvation army. All these woman want to be treated equal, and they don't wear clothes anymore. Have a sense of modesty. Cover up for god`s sake.

  5. According to FBI whislteblower 4chan, Matt Lauer is in a huge satanic child trafficking club, using museum art and galleries as cover. If it's true, we will hang the bitch!……..from 4chan…….The Freer and Sackler Galleries are part of a larger web of Smithsonian Institutions within the D.C. Metro area, and they are known for hosting galas featuring some of the most powerful players in the world. The link above shows how ambassadors, wealthy patrons and local celebrities coordinate to host high profile events bringing in funds to the museum. But lo and behold, it seems that James Alefantis, Matt Lauer and Pamela Brown have not only met, but worked together in a professional setting. The are a part of a gala chair committee called the Club Caravan Host Committee. >

    This goes to show that the relationship between Alefantis and mainstream media celebrities is already well-established, and poses a clear conflict of interest in the reporting. Not only that, but it shows yet another way that Alefantis could be laundering payments for pedophile/satanic abuse parties; the auction chair committee likely handles the movement of expensive artworks, which have subjective value and provide cover for the movement of cash between the customer and the merchant. Other names of note included in the gala: >Dianne Feinstein/ Mrs. William Dow Lovett – family built William Dow Lovett Laboratory of Molecular Neurogenetics/ Thomas Pritzker – Architectural scion/ The Honorable Selwa S. Roosevelt/ Prince Amyn Aga Khan/ HRH Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia/ TSH Prince Ermias Sahle Selassie and Princess Saba Kebede/ Count and Countess Renaud de Viel Castel – Descendant of Napoleon III advisor Goodnight anons.

    I've been on these threads for weeks and I just want to say thanks for believing in something good. I'm saying goodbye because after this post, I'm going dark.

    The name of the global pedophile ring is "The Visionaries". They are hidden within art organizations in The United States and Europe, and have franchises all around the world.

    They run 'outsider' art galleries that are actually just advertisements for Satanic rituals, and they bid on paintings at high class galas hosted by celebrities and politicians.

    The main administration is run by psychiatrists who control the artists through drugging and asylum. Many of them were formerly abused, and lie about it in their artist bios.

    The psychiatrists are mostly based out of Virginia Commonwealth University. They are a modern MKUltra operation meant to launder human trafficking money and gain power on the global elite.

    The Visionaries run franchises through art societies based in Richmond, Virginia and Lausanne, Switzerland. The Souls Grown Deep foundation, one of the nodes, hosts eyes wide shut parties through the art auction method. And Alefantis? His gallery is part of the Visionaries organization.


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