Iranians residing open air in bitterly chilly temperatures after an earthquake are making determined pleas for assist. About 450 folks have been killed and near 8000 …



  1. That is what the Middle East should be!
    Supporting victims of tragedy’s instead of leaving them to die. Iran maybe backed by Russia but are surly more humane then any other country’s in the Middle East.

    Quran quote: AL-JATHIYAH (45:17) “And verily, We gave the children of Israel the Book, and sovereignty, and prophethood; and We provided them with good and pure things, and We exalted them over the peoples of the time.”
    Remember Allah is the God of Israel, known by many names or attributes in other languages, all realizing there is One True God.

    Yahushua (Yeshua, Jesus, Isa, etc:
    John 17:3:"And this is life eternal, that they may know Thee, the only true God, and Jesus Christ (Greek name) whom Thou hast sent." Hebrew Name: Yahushua;. Arabic: Isa; Hindu name: Krshna-Supreme Personality of the Godhead; etc.)
    Quran, Bani Israel 17:3 "And we gave Moses the Book, and made it a guidance for the children of Israel, saying, Take no guardian beside Me."

    Quran, Al-Jumu'ah 62:6: "The likeness of those who were made to bear the law of Torah, but would not bear it, is as the likeness of an ass carrying a load of books. Evil is the likeness of the people who reject the Signs of Allah. And Allah guides not the wrongdoing people."

    Our Creator has cross-referenced prophets around the world to bring them to the Bible truths. They are His preferred weapons to end violence. All expect our Creator to intervene and save us, but He IS THE WORD OF GOD. It is not the flesh that saves, but the word of God spoken or lifted up for all to see that delivers us; Yahushua-Jesus' blood was shed to wash away our sins, but if we continue to go against the wisdom of God, we have sinned again and are guilty and due punishment until we ask forgiveness and return to His wisdom.

  3. WOW,
    What did IRAN ever done to you? Which Iranian has ever done something wrong to you?Most these stupid hatred comments I see are probably those that pretty much stare at Fox and CNN news all day. They might even be  those that calculate how to shoot inocents with no mercy. We are truly surrounded by a pathetic creatures.An empty society.Soulless corps that only occupy space.You don't read nor research and educate yourself, but you are real brave behind the mouse and keyboard to make inhumane comments on people and places that you have no IDEA where in the world is and located. READ STUPID READ. Don't be a sheep to follow such fabricated news that has agenda behind it.They have confused you so much that you can't even tell culture by culture. WHAT A SHAME.

  4. Der er ikke en eneste fra USA s udenrigsmi isterium eller regering som har udtalt sig om denne katastrofe eller tilbudt hjælp . Jeg håber at der kan komme hjælp fra EU hurtigt og at det kan blive delegeret hurtigt og hjælpe ofre og hjælpe med genopbygning . Det er forfærdeligt for alle ofre og familier . Håber at der bliver sendt det de har brug for . Der er penge nok til at hjælpe . Det er bare at spørge de rette nationer om hjælp .

  5. This douchebag didn't do shit he only went there and took pictures he said they probably won't find any more survivors so there's nothibg they can do. He won't help them and won't let anyone else willing to help. Fuck the iranian regime

  6. Let the harami illegitimae iranian scoundrels be wiped out of the earths crest. The present harami illegitimate regime of Iran is responsible for chaos in Middle East and Iranian rulers are haramis .

    May Allahs curse be upon Iranian shia haramis till dooms day. We will fight against shia haramis and wipe them out of earth

  7. Hope the Injured people get the medical they need,earth quakes,hurricanes,massacres,none worse than the other,just different. Hope and pray they also getting other support with food,water shelter. Bad news everywhere! God help us all.


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