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  1. ordinary people  of Lahore did not participate……only the party "Leaders" and workers and their friends  did…means only one thing…Citizens are not bothered  by the   Zainab +  childrens  murders cases….Citizens  are not bothered  by the Model Town Murder case…Citizens are not bothered by Nawaz Family and friends  corruption cases…Citizens are not bothered by the rise in prices of daily living commodities…….or else   Entire Lahore  and Punjab would be shut down and the protests  and protesters would not leave until Shabaz  Sharif and Rana Sanaullah  and the Military Chief  Bajwa submit their resignations…soon this event will be in the dust  as were the those Paki soldiers   school kids  in Peshawar…and the daily grind will continue…….

  2. "Al-rashi Wal-murtashi Kila-huma Finnar" (Meaning: The giver and taker of bribes are both to go to the fire of hell.) plus the practice is one of the ingredients of corruption=Nawaz/Shebaz c/o PMLN are involved in corruption through and through. Furthermore corruption is also ‘Haram’ hence both geezers are ‘Haram khor’. If Shaetan was declared as laeen and mardood following his path Nawaz/Shebaz also become ‘Laeen’ and ‘Mardood’.


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