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  1. Up next the left will be exposed to rigging the Republican primary too using their media secret agents …. just search "Hillary and pied piper strategy". I would add that I have been calling for the removal of the top 10-25% of federal government management because this is the heart of controlling the "State" on my radio show. And lastly the dollar is being replaced as the world reserve currency but first there will be a fracturing of foreign trade debt payment that will result first. A rising China is worrisome to me since they are an evolving communist country that is embracing national fascism. Thank You Greg, I enjoy your real world reporting not the main stream propaganda perception machine. God Bless ya!

  2. U did an absolutely epic 10/10 breakdown! I always listen to ur videos while I workout in the morning. Keep up the great work! You and Alex jones are my top 2 favorites for truthers!

  3. Sander's likely supported Hillary for MONEY-i read he received a house worth almost $700,000 plus assistance in getting his wife out of some kind of financial trouble in return for his support of Hillary-ie. Sanders was no more honorable than the average politician up for sale.

  4. I see, hear and understand everything you are saying about the government corruption by the previous administration, however, there is absolutely no possibility of any important liberal going to trial, much less prison for any, much less all their crimes. None!

  5. EYE don't see anyone admitting to being pro Clinton these days. Those who still stick to the Democrat party and Hellary just look completely ass in — 9! The next step is prosecution and Sessions is the little boy with his fingers, toes and nose in the dike of the truth coming over the levy of pedophile slime that began oozing from Comet pizza and is now flooding the streets of Hollywood and now DC. Anybody who wants to look insane or a complete moron should just stick a Democrat sticker on their bumper and praise HELLARY and sell her book! Can a whole network be considered insane? LOL!

  6. PS. @29:00 ~ inflation is out of sight! Like you said Greg, some things are cheap like TEE VEES but look at healthcare; EYE wish EYE had the same raises this industry known for financing personal access to medical care has received yoy. GAS? Wow. And food? Rent may be stable in some areas but here in Denver CO the prices of homes are going far beyond inflation levels where nobody can even save fast enough to keep up with the increasing down payments required. Who is buying these $44,000 pick up trucks? ARE YOU SIRIUS???!!!! Lol! No inflation here. How about the stock market eh? Record highs; that's inflation! How many morons does it take to vote for Hellary? How many morons think inflation is under control? Wow. ON BALCO.

  7. The minions know they are going to be "suicided" by the Clinton crime family… so they are outing the information before the indictments come down. Brazile needs to do her interview tour fast and then skip the country if she wants to live.
    Notice that Antifa canceled their activities in Texas. Nov. 4th is the opening day for deer hunting season. We're packin' heat.

  8. Treason, racketeering, election fraud and the list goes on & on & on… And there Sessions sits, on his hands doing NOTHING! FIRE J. SESSIONS TODAY! He is the pillow smothering our Republic! Equal justice under the law JEFF!

  9. Russian advertisements, paid for by Clinton, organized protests at Trump Tower against Trump. So the actual Russian collusion to manipulate the election is from the Democratic party.

  10. 18:00 The constitution doesn't apply NOW and hasn't for years. E.g. the "income" tax. It's highly unconstitutional and is applied illegally. The IRS is clearly engaged in racketeering and terrorism. Doesn't matter. None of them go to jail. So it should be clear that the authorities have zero respect for law or supreme court decisions. Judges legislate from the bench. Police are outright stealing people's property without probably cause or warrants (civil asset forfeiture). They are operating on suspicion only. I'm not sure who are the bigger terrorists, Antifa or the federal govt.

  11. 21:00 The debt CANNOT EVER be paid off as long as the creation of $ is practiced the way it is because the $ to pay the INTEREST is never created. So it is a mathematical impossibility. Don't take my word for it, watch The Secrets Of Money Part 4 narrated by Mike Maloney. He illustrates it simply and beautifully. The ONLY way to pay off the debt would be to abolish fractional reserve banking and central banks.

  12. Bernie campaigned for her, because he was A. Threatened & probably B. Didn't he just buy a new summer home for almost $600,000.00?? (Hush money??) It makes ZERO sense that he would support her, otherwise!

  13. Ok so now we have undeniable proof, the American Eagles Left wing is broken and missing all its feathers. What condition is the right wing? The right wing was amputated years ago. So now the damn bird is hopping around on one foot, cause the other one has gangrene. Will somebody please shoot this animal and put it out of its misery. Please dear god, somebody put this bird out of its misery.

  14. remember that they had to pay false witnesses against Jesus who had done no wrong. These are their children doing it all over again. Trust no one, believe nothing they say. Remember God the Father and Jesus Christ his are firmly in charge.


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