The smartphone race continues to heat up with the recent reveal of Apple’s most recent flagship, the iPhone X. The device, which has been rumored and leaked for months, is a powerhouse, outgunning the very best of its rivals’ lineup in terms of raw processing power. To close the gap, Samsung seems to be betting its cards on its subsequent champion, the Galaxy S9, which is anticipated to be unveiled sometime early next year.

The Galaxy S9 will be the most current in Samsung’s lengthy line of formidable S-series smartphones, and the rumors surrounding the device are quite compelling. Style-wise, there is a good opportunity that the Galaxy S9 will comply with the template set by its predecessor, the Galaxy S8, with a couple of modifications.

The S8 featured extremely thin bezels on the prime and bottom of the device, but such a design and style was overtaken by Apple with the iPhone X, which featured virtually no bezels at all, save for a notch at the best of the handset. According to a Trusted Critiques report, leaks and rumors have emerged stating that the Galaxy S9 would most likely stick to Apple’s instance, eliminating the bezels[1] in the device and leaving just a small notch at the top of the smartphone to home the flagship’s most vital sensors.

An additional interesting rumor about the Galaxy S9 that has emerged recently pointed to the idea of the upcoming flagship having a modular design and style. Modules have extended been explored as a novel notion by smartphone producers, to extremely tiny achievement. Motorola has done it prior to, LG has attempted it, and Crucial has released a device that followed the identical principle.

Samsung’s modules for the Galaxy S9 are rumored to feature magnets that let each and every addition to attach to the flagship phone, considerably like Google’s ill-fated Project Ara[five]. If these rumors prove correct, the Galaxy S9 may possibly very properly be the very first modular flagship smartphone to turn into a huge hit.

The Galaxy S9 is anticipated to be equipped with a lot of processing firepower, in order to beat, or at least match, the A11 Bionic chip that Apple has unveiled with the iPhone X. With this in mind, speculations are higher that the Samsung Galaxy S9 would be fitted with a Snapdragon 845 SoC, a 7nm processor that is rumored to be designed by Qualcomm in collaboration with Samsung[6], as stated by a TechRadar report.

Other notable features that are rumored for the Galaxy S9 incorporate but yet another rear fingerprint sensor, up to 6GB of RAM, a dual-camera configuration, Android Oreo, and other nifty characteristics such as facial recognition and wireless charging. Due to its next-generation chip, the Galaxy S9 is also anticipated to be equipped with the capability to help download speeds of up to 1.2Gbps.

The Galaxy S9 is anticipated to be unveiled sometime in late February, 2018, or early March, 2018.

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