Players got riled up about loot boxes in Star Wars: Battlefront II earlier this week, and now DICE and EA have responded to the complaints. Will a blog post be …



  1. Please do not buy these full price AAA games with microtransactions piled on top. It is the only way companies such as EA will not continue on this path to full blown P2W.

  2. Y are game publishers all of a sudden SOOOOO worried about how much time we have if we need to pay for a MT because we are short on time… PEOPLE WHO PLAY GAMES CHOOSE TO SPEND TIME PLAYING GAMES. THE ARGUMENT, THE NOTION IS TOTAL BS. WE ARE GAMERS, EVEN CASUAL GAMERS WOULD INVEST MORE THAN 20min a session. EA grow up.

  3. Well I can tell you one thing if you does not fix this I will not be buying this game and you will not get my money and that irritates me because they put everything I wanted into this game that was lacking from the first one is a has pissed me off in the worst ways

  4. 8 Months of getting your ass handed to you daily for 2 hours a day, and you might get something thats decent, but more likely a new emote. Welcome back to the top 10 worst companies in the world EA. I also have not purchased any games with loot boxes, even Shadow of War, big fan since I read the Hobbit in 1994.

  5. Still buying it cause unlike most people I don't care. I just play the game. And I know I'm good enough to destroy and P2W player. Most players just don't have the skill anymore

  6. Loot boxes just prove how childish the majority of the gaming fanbase is. Jeez I would HATE to be a Dev trying to market to this salt filled demographic. This is equivalent to ppl rioting McDonald's because the guy with money got to pay extra for cheese on his burger. All burgers should come with cheese! Lol gg

  7. Let's stop being butt hurt about Shadow of War. You don't need loot boxes in it. I can't say the same for Forza, and this thing with SWB2 is exactly the same as the past few CODs. They are there and yes they give you better gear and stuff. But the base weapons are good enough, that is shouldn't be too much of a problem. I don't exactly like then, but you can't blame a business for trying to make money.


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