Fb believes as much as 126 million of its American customers could have come into contact with Russian-backed propaganda earlier than and after final 12 months’s US …



  1. Piss off bbc…you are full of shit..only 33% of the moron population believe you now. I cancelled my TV licence because of your crap. Research building 7 reporting. 20 minutes before it collapsed..really!

  2. This could bankrupt twitter. They haven't turned a profit in ever. Which might not be a bad thing.. Trump had said many times twitter helped him get elected. It'd also be wonderful at shutting him up

  3. Quote BBC propagandist "What's under scrutiny now is the extent to which social media sites were manipulated in order to sway the minds of American voters." Of far more importance to British society is the extent to which the BBC's media platforms systematically and deliberately attempt to manipulate the minds of British citizens. Over the last decade the BBC have gained the notorious reputation for being the global leaders in post-truth journalism and post-truth broadcasting.

  4. Why would it? Every candidate runs political ads. Hillary spent billions on her campaign and the amount spent by Russian hackers is a drop in the bucket. But somehow they were more influential?

  5. "Did Russian-backed propaganda sway US voters? – BBC News"
    I think it did. You can tell that the unreasoning voices on the Internet( or persons in power position) is loader than the past, especially the last 3-4 years.
    The latest big one is 'Civil War Caused By Lack Of Compromise'. Not to mention Bob Corker in the election year.

  6. It would be pretty awesome if this kind of cyber-warfare is actually possible. Anyway, that would be silly. Putin sucks but Russia did nothing wrong at all. Even if they did manipulate a few voters, I simply cannot believe that they would have had a profound impact on the election. Trump won because of American problems, and because his opponent was Hillary. If it had been anybody else, they would have beat him. The world has much, much bigger issues to face than Russian troll accounts. In fact, Russia as a whole poses very little threat these days.

  7. The US and every other nation on Earth trys to influence the elections of other nations.

    The US is very good at it, what the US does not like is having their elections influenced by foreign nations.

  8. Bbc,sky news using subliminal flash ups.Working for the most vile human beings on the planet.Brain rapists unethical medical professionals who continue to steal a human life.Disgusting exploitation.Stealing a human life so the royal family can try to look good on tv.Politicians shielding this vile grotesque of human experiments.
    Worry about this not trump.

  9. I'm not watching this video. I paused it at 0 seconds. But I KNOW the conclusion of your video will be "yes". Pathetic. Not even worth watching this, I know what all your videos will say before playing them. Get off Youtube. Nobody wants you here.


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