Police say thieves have swiped clients’ bank card data from quick meals drive-thrus and gasoline pumps. SUBSCRIBE for the newest information and updates from ABC …



  1. RE: Mcdonalds skimmer, why do you americans not have the swipe pad things they pass through the window to you? We have them up here in Canada, i've used them at all fast food places etc..

    So recently I go for a trip through Michigan, pull up to a wendy's drive thru, and I show the lady my card, and expect her to pass the scanner out the window to me, she stares at me like Im a retard with her hand out.. Im like "You want my card".. She says "ya how else am I suppose to scan it" .. It looked just like that black scanner in this video and Im thinking wtf, america usually is on the cutting edge of tech etc why don't they have the scanner they pass out the window.. I think next time I will just bring some cash..
    An employee could have a scanner stashed in his pocket ffs.. It would be so easy to scan someones card..

  2. yeah the day before yesterday, me and my dad went to buy snacks, and when my dad swiped his card, the stupid fat cashier said "it didnt go through" and then my dad know that it did go through, but he didnt want to start a fight, so he swiped it again.
    fuck some cashiers they are sometimes stupid );"(

  3. Yo doy mi ejemplo,.🐟🐟 como al abrió el casillero,?donde se introduce las tarjetas de crédito,.? mi ejemplo es si el🐟🐟si el se tomo el tiempo y semanas o meses para poderlo abrirlo,?? para llamar la atención,?? o,o,o, algún empleado le abra dado la llaves,?? Si el establecimiento tendrá cámara de seguridad,?? ejemplo🐟🐟📿📿🕊

  4. Paying inside being safe is a lie. I don't ever swipe my card at the pump because they usually don't work or read well. So I pay at the cashier. About two months ago, I had to froze my card and ordered a new one because I saw a payment of 100 dollars exactly at a gas station I go to and I don't even pay 100 to fill my tank. I knew from that my previous card had been compromised at the gas station because I haven't had a problem since and I don't use my card at the stations anymore.

  5. why start the show off by saying how the employee at the drive thru "skimmed" your card on a terminal inside the building, then later tell us to pay inside….seems like theres no definite defense period.

  6. Yep, happened to me recently at a gas station where I paid at the pump. They were able to get my debit card number and also my pin number too. Lesson learned, cash only.

  7. When the pump says 'Pay inside' does that mean your card is noted for scam action or is it a malfunction in the pump? Check bank statements and report unusual purchases to the bank! Small amounts aren't investigated by banks. They just refund you.

  8. One universal key…. fckin retarded pple, obviously there is no interest on stopping this criminals, getting probation while messing up innocent pple lives, we get to fix the mess, criminals get a slap on the wrist…what a joke

  9. WoW instead of her getting arrested the Secret Service abused him to teach them I guess maybe that was part of the deal not to get arrested she should feel lucky if it was me I would have thrown them in prison or at least he reformed I guess

  10. In my opinion if you own a gas station you're obligated to check in the pumps to see if people have done that it's just as bad on the owner in my opinion of the gas station because they should be willing to do routine checks to see if people aren't doing that they're just as responsible if they're not willing to make it safer for the customer


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