The “Last Comic Standing” alum’s body was discovered at a private residence in Las Vegas and cause of death is cardiac arrest. Full Story: …



  1. I remember him on The Last Comic Standing and his stand up routines specials. He had a great sense of humor and nothing was off limits with him, gay, blacks all subjects. A very friendly guy with a great laugh and sense of humor. I am glad he has children to survive them just sorry for their loss. OMGD some of his jokes and observations were so edgy 🙂

  2. Ralphie, bless yer heart son. Ever since y'all left Clarksville, Arkansas, our home town, the shelves at the Super Market finally had enough food for the rest of us town folk. We never went hungry again.

  3. My favorite comedian of all time.. this one really hit me y’all.. especially after watching his Netflix special when he dedicated a portion of his performance to his son in case he passed away..

  4. he WAS heavy. NOT my brother. And the wigger act was old af in '03 on LCS – but! RIP Ralphie – you were obviously a good man with an oversized, overworked, and plain GREAT & GENEROUS heart. That muscle just worked too goddamn hard to last.


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