Having a cup of scorching tea day by day could scale back your danger for blindness.

Researchers have discovered each day cup of scorching tea reduces the danger for glaucoma, a illness during which a buildup of fluid within the eye can harm the optic nerve and result in gradual imaginative and prescient loss.

The examine, within the British Journal of Ophthalmology, included 1,678 individuals in a bigger nationwide well being survey. Utilizing images of the optic disc and different diagnostic methods, they recorded cases of glaucoma in 2005 and 2006, and correlated them with experiences of beverage consumption over the earlier yr.

After adjusting for age, physique mass index, intercourse, ethnicity, smoking and diabetes, they discovered that individuals who drank at the least a cup of scorching tea a day had been 74 p.c much less more likely to have glaucoma. They discovered no affiliation with smooth drinks, iced tea, decaffeinated tea or with espresso, decaffeinated or not.

This observational examine doesn’t show causality, however the researchers write that tea comprises phytochemicals and flavonoids with anti-inflammatory properties which will shield the optic nerve.

“Should you drink scorching tea, carry on doing it,” stated the senior creator, Dr. Anne L. Coleman, a professor of ophthalmology on the College of California, Los Angeles. “However I wouldn’t change to it in case you want one thing else. This can be a preliminary discovering, and we have to do extra research.”


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