SOURCE : Trump Household Makes HEARTBREAKING Announcement About Barron What is going on to President Trump’s youngest baby, Barron, is completely past all recognized requirements…



  1. Nothing about Barron but we love Barron and think he's so very handsome. God has got his daddy, his mother, and him in His hands and God has really BIG HANDS to hold them all. He is always watching over Barron and his family and will send angels to them to keep them in all their ways. I belong to a group of 1 billion prayer warriors that pray night and day . They are surround by our God. Those people that say evil things don't know God and will never see the right of anything. They only spit evil from their mouths but God will not let them harm you Barron nor your family.

  2. To Judy Dees. Amen sister! Am a prayer warrior in Arizona. Ican't think of something more powerful than prayer to our Father God. The Lord bless you, keep you, make His face shine upon you and give you peace


  3. oops? Still they do talk about Barron and I am sure he is the reason Trump is doing what he is doing for his son's future. Thank you, I have a daughter 15 years old. Barron you are great!!! Proud of you!!

  4. All of the alphabet intell,, has to be dismantled. Why do they NEED 17, of them. ONLY NEED one, if it a good one. These idiots, spy on us and each other. Supposed to be looking at our enemies, not us,,

  5. I pray for America every night ,for the protection of his TRUMPET and his gorgeous fanily GOD Bless them all and keep them safe.
    God is purging the evil from your land and the world . Merry Christmas and God Bless to all

  6. Can't wait for the news bots to start reporting news
    Quadcopters flying around being the first on any scene.
    People walking their dogs at odd hours will have a quadcopter interview them and then they will either report it or a monitor will devalue it as not news.

    People without location monitors will automatically be dough out by the news bot quadcopters

  7. White Christians and Mormons and other racist southerners are so hypocrites and the devil themselves. They went after the Obama girls when they were children without mercy and now are whining for Barron. But monsters and pedophiles are cruel.

  8. I don't think the FBI will get against someone just because, pleeease. I know it is sad to know the President is not that decent as we thought, but come on now, lets not get too blinded. Lets start moving the blinding mountains and REALLY do research

  9. Nothing is about Barron, but I hope Trump learned to be a decent president so that his unthoughtful actions would not bring a curse by God like this to his family. Only God brings back that well known Karma; It is not caused on it's own


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