SOURCE : BREAKING NEWS About Mueller Investigation…. IT’S HUGE! One more member of particular counsel Robert Mueller’s so-called authorized “dream workforce” has been…



  1. So according to the far right site:

    Jeannie Rhee is a former Deputy Assistant Attorney General at the Justice Department working in the office of legal counsel. During her time as a private attorney Rhee was a partner with WilmerHale, the very same high-profile law firm where Mueller worked just prior to taking on the role of special counsel and lackey for the Democratic party.

    This says exactly zero.

    Partners dont say enything about bias.

    This is fake news.

  2. Make it up as you go? How’s dat workin out for you bob ? Your dealing with God Almighty imma pray you don’t burn in hell for choosing to be a corrupt soldout Lyin traitor to America. Right up there beside your about to get what you have coming

  3. These people have no idea that working Americans do not have thousands of dollars lying around to " donate" to political candidates and certainly anyone with half a brain would never donate a cent to a slime ball criminal like Killary


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