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  1. George H.W. Bush was the first person to promise a New World Order. 9/11 occurred under George W. Bush. These false flags aren't planned and orchestrated by Democrats. Both parties endorse them. And currently Trump isn't doing anything about it.

  2. Taxi driver footage of shooter is the real deal. Service window in that area can be opened and shut. Strobe light in position to distract and nullify. Get Chad on the scene photograph all the angles of the taxi drivers video. Will prove multiple shooters.

  3. is it possible that the difference in gun fire acoustics can be attributed to the gun man moving from the one broken out window, to the other broken window , which from what i can tell is on different side of the building , which would direct the sound in an opposite direction., giving the listener, a mile away, the impression that there are two different weapons being shot

  4. Hint hint???based on true story anyone rember the movie BETRAYED 1987- las vegas but flip the roles and instead of a female agent it’s a mail’ and the group’ commies/ISIS ?


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