Historic BBC Information, reporting that the Queen Mom had died. This was the second information bulletin of the night time, and the primary 5 minutes proven right here have a look at the …



  1. "The children won't go without me. I won't leave without the King. And the King will never leave." And with that succinct statement HM Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother decided that the United Kingdom would win the war. And win they did. And loved and remembered she was for that resolve.

  2. Disgusting that the BBC, as our national broadcaster, couldn't have the wherewithal to wear black tie in such a sombre announcement – it shows the erosion of tradition, which while seeming archaic and aloof, remain key to our national identity, and so should be honoured

  3. ….the queen mother has died, and the queen mother's death has been announced, in a statement reading "the queen mother has died", and the BBC is hosting this special programme about how the Queen Mother has died of not living anymore.

  4. He said Prince Charles was devastated?? I can understand him being a bit sad, but she was nearly 102, he should be happy he had his grandmother so long, most people do not.

  5. Hey sister Jeanie, It looks like the Queen mother died in 2002, so although the reports are true they are old. The Queen is still alive and well it seems. A search showed:
    Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother
    Born: August 4, 1900, Hitchin, United Kingdom
    Died: March 30, 2002, Windsor, United Kingdom

  6. I pray ALL the evils she did to the Princess will be avenged by her looking over the 'gaff' from heaven to hell for the Queen's mother….they mistreated her royally but God has His vengeance in hand on His return!!!

  7. She was 101. She lived longer than more than 99% of people live and almost all of that life was spent healthy and happy. Why all the "omg this is so sad wahhhh"? Why not be happy she lived so long and so well instead of crying like a bunch of foolish children?


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