Demonstrators at an enormous Barcelona rally have spoken passionately about their want to keep a part of Spain. Please subscribe HERE World In …



  1. Either if he was going against the will of the people is what government tend to do it's part of democracy how much I hate it same in the UK as lots of people would love to overturn brexit and still claim its democratic

  2. “Catalan Republic” doesn’t even have an army… and nobody recognizes them… and what will their currency be anyway? Catalonia is a joke. We Indonesians 🇮🇩 will never recognize the so called “Catalan Republic”. Catalonia IS Spain!!! Stronger Together!!! 🇪🇸

  3. So, when is about the secessionists you are talking about (about 35 per cent of the Catalan population), they are "the people of Catalonia. But when you talk about the Catalan loyalists (about 65 per cent of the population) "people want very different things"

    You are a disgrace to journalism, stop behaving like propaganda agents and start honoring your profession (if you even now how to do that)

  4. What do you think would happen if Catalonia, it's impossible, but let's just think about it, won their "independence".

    Of course we, the Spanish people and it's government would pay you the kind favor.

    We would strongly support the secession of Scotland and Northern Ireland, will would not rest till we kick you out of our land, Gibraltar.

    And we would assure that you get the worst possible deal when leaving the UE. Not common market for you.

    So, before acting like propaganda agents of the Catalan secessioniats think, not only in journalism ethics but in what you have to loose in all this

  5. The coward generalitat has left Catalonia… He is not only coward but a liar. It's not long ago that he said that he would allow himself to be jailed as a consequence of his secessionist cause…Now, the secessionist cause is falling! Truly, anarchy cannot stand the might and pressure of King Felipe VI's kingdom… Long live the King! Long live the united Spain!

  6. To all people who say that there weren't true Catalans I am Catalan born in Barcelona from a Catalan family and my mother language is Catalan but I am against independence. We are not less Catalans than nationalists I think all opinions should be respected

  7. No offence, but most people writting here have no idea what they're talking about… I mean, I myself don't know about lots of things, no problem with that

  8. Lol BRITISH BRAINWASHING CAMPAIGN using the exact same script as they did in Scotland. ………Silent Majority, Separatists ring any bells fellow Scots? ??? Even the NO voters fighting with the police is all part of the script. What the're not telling you is that they bus these people in!!! BBC already have these people set up to lie to you no doubt they are the equivalent to our councillors MPs etc in the UK. These are not real Catalonians. Catalonia 'democratically' elected an independence party to serve their wishes yet Madrid can hold a new election because the people didn't vote the correct way??? None of us live in a democracy it's a Dictatorship aided and abetted by the BBC and MSM. Scotland have voted SNP for the last 10 years in Holyrood they have the most MSPs MPs and councillors and we are told we don't have a mandate for Independence??? An anyone tell me how we 'lost' the independence vote??? Especially since more voters than ever elected SNP to represent them!!!!


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