Have you ever observed that our President and Dignitaries on Air Pressure One and Air Pressure Two should stroll up stairs to get in? Why? Should not they’ve escalators on these moveable stairs? Keep in mind how a lot hassle Hillary Clinton had entering into her little leased Boeing 737? If she had gained the presidency in November of 2016, she would not have the ability to make it up all these stairs right into a 747 which is twice the uphill hike as that little 737. Russian President Putin does not have an escalator both however his plane is way smaller than a Boeing 747 like Air Pressure One, in reality side-by-side, it appears like a toy, though it does have a pleasant inside (cite: 1).

Not too long ago, Donald Trump was in a rush to go, so he jogged up the steps, received into the plane with out waving good bye to the media, and that upset the leftist media fairly a bit. Irrespective of he was simply making an attempt to get going, as he was late and in addition had to make use of the remainder room. Now then, if the bottom gear – moveable staircase – was an escalator – President Trump might have turned to the group to wave good bye and happy the media so they may have the enduring image of him at that second.

In fact, within the curiosity of time – the stair case would should be operated on double time for Trump, as a result of he might run up the factor at that velocity anyway. Nonetheless, as everybody is aware of whenever you run up a transferring escalator going the identical means you’ll be able to actually make good time, and time is cash. This method must be electrical, and nonetheless viable as a stair case when not transferring. This enables common of us, assistants and reporters to board by strolling up the steps. It additionally permits upkeep, safety element, and flight crew to do the identical.

The escalator system ought to have movement sensors as soon as activated for the President or dignitary. It ought to go each methods – up and down, within the down movement it ought to be slower, and going up at Three-different velocity settings, gradual, quick, and expedite. It is fascinating this does not exist but, and a surprise why we’ve got an plane of this caliber with out this upgraded floor gear function. Please contemplate all this and assume on it.


(1) YouTube Video: “Russian IL-96!Flying Fortress!Putin’s Airplane!” Russian Presidential Plane.

(2) YouTube Video: “Trump Did not Wave Goodbye to Media When Boarding Air Pressure One – And They’re Upset.”

Supply by Lance Winslow


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